Why go on a training trip to Kenya?

To improve your performance as an athlete, to walk on the mythical red earth, to discover the Kenyan culture and ideal conditions to reach your full potential. 

But not only that! If you like running or new experiences, this trip is for you. Whether you are alone or with your family, a novice or an experienced runner, come and live an extraordinary human adventure in Iten!

Whatever your profile, there is a good reason to come to Kenya for a training trip!

For running enthusiasts who want to rub shoulders with the best in a competitive atmosphere 

Kenya and Iten are above all references in the world of running. If you are an aficionado of this discipline, you know that it is on the mythical red tracks of Kenya that the best in the field have trained (and still train!). 

If you love running, what could be more natural than to go back to the roots of modern running and take your turn on Kenyan soil? 

You will meet enthusiasts with whom you can share your desire to surpass yourself, to try to touch the legendary runners of the Iten highlands. 

It is this atmosphere of emulation that makes the training centre stays incomparable: you will be able to live out your thirst for running alone or with others, in a positive and dynamic atmosphere, which will place you in an ideal setting for sports training, and favourable to introspection and self-discovery. 

For people seeking spiritual peace 

A stay in a training centre in Kenya, as mentioned above, is also the certainty that you will find yourself in conditions conducive to introspection. Whether you choose to stay for two weeks or two months, whether you go alone, with friends or with your family, you will find much more than a way to practice a sport. Going to Kenya, running on its legendary trails, is also a spiritual adventure, which will reconnect you with yourself. The self-improvement that running inspires, the equality of all in sport, all these values are at the heart of a training trip. We can only recommend that you choose to devote some time during your holiday to this type of stay, which will allow you to take a break from your daily routine and reconnect with your humanity. 

Sport, humanity and spirituality: this seems to us to be a wonderful cocktail to create unforgettable memories and to make incredible encounters!

For those who like to discover new and exotic cultures, in total immersion 

Booking a training centre stay in Kenya is also an opportunity to discover the culture of this wonderful country. 

The many Kenyan tribes (Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya, Maasai) each have traditions dating back thousands of years. Come and share in the many sacred rites perpetuated by these peoples, and learn about their history, their ancestral traditions, their music and their dances: the latter are at the heart of the country's heritage. From the warrior dances of the Maasai to the benga of the Luo, you may be lucky enough to witness some incredible performances when you visit Kenya during your training trip. 

For lovers of good food 

Kenya's gastronomic culture is also worth mentioning among the reasons to visit this beautiful country: if breakfast is light (traditionally, the day starts with a simple milky and sweet Chai - "chai" being the Swahili word for tea - accompanied by a piece of fruit, a piece of bread - "mkate" - or a doughnut called "mandazi"), lunches and dinners can be copious, especially during special events!

Kenyan cuisine is predominantly rice and stews. Kenyans use a lot of maize flour (called Ugali when cooked and unga when raw) in their diet; Ugali is usually served as a solid white porridge, which can be used as a spoon for stew. The rice is often served white but can also be eaten flavoured with spices (turmeric, cayenne, saffron...) to celebrate an occasion. 

Vegetarians can enjoy the local cuisine with meatless stews such as maharagwe (a delicious dish with beans, tomatoes, onions and spices) or skuma wiki (a vegetable dish with kale, tomatoes and onions). Kachumbari is another example of a tasty, chilli-based, spicy vegetarian dish! Meat lovers will find many dishes made with goat meat, a classic in Kenyan cuisine. In this case, don't miss the nyama choma, which is the Swahili version of barbecue. But it is a tasty Swahili barbecue. The meat is usually beef or goat and sometimes chicken.

And for those with a sweet tooth, treat yourself to the tasty fruits grown in Kenya: mangoes, passion fruit, grapes...

If you prefer pastries, consider trying biskuti ya nazi, which are a kind of coconut macaroon. Finally, another typical sweet is the mabuyu: it is baobab seeds coated with red sugar syrup, a must try!

For those who want to combine sport and breathtaking nature 

If you want to enjoy an enchanting setting, running in unforgettable and wild landscapes, in symbiosis with nature, what better than a training stay in Kenya? 

Spending your holiday at a training centre will give you plenty of opportunity to experience the magic. Kenya is well known for its running trails, safaris and majestic beaches. 

When staying at a training centre, ask about going on a safari: they can be offered as a package deal, without you having to organise anything, for a small fee. Going on safari is a must on a trip to Kenya, as it is an opportunity to discover the richness of the wildlife endemic to the savannah. Kenya also has the advantage of having a variety of natural areas, from seaside to mountains to vast plains. 

The highlight is of course Amboseli Park with its breathtaking view of Kilimanjaro: it's the perfect shot to bring back from your trip! 

With its 40 nature reserves and national parks, Kenya has many protected areas to explore. For example, the Masai Mara Nature Reserve is a great place to see the magnificent annual wildebeest migration, a breathtaking sight that we highly recommend! Don't forget your swimming costume when you go to Kenya! Its enchanting sandy beaches will allow you to relax after your training. 

In conclusion, the training trip to Kenya is an adventure accessible to all!

In short, a training holiday in Kenya is not just for the top sportsmen and women, far from it! For a small budget, you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure, in a beautiful setting and for a small price. There are a number of activities that are peripheral to running that will allow you to make the most of your time in Kenya. Don't hesitate and run to the airport, direction: Nairobi!