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The location of the centre

The RUN'IX Athletic Center is located in the village of Iten in the highlands of the Rift Valley at an altitude of 2,400 metres and 450 kilometres from Nairobi.

Located just a few minutes from the centre of Iten - it is ideally placed halfway between the red tracks for jogging and the athletics tracks for speed sessions.

Open all year round, the centre is accessible to ALL (runners or not, spouses, children) and to ALL levels of practice.

Our goal is to make you all experience an extraordinary human and sporting adventure in the land of running.

So pack your bags and come live your Kenyan dream from the inside!


Our commitment is to accompany you throughout your stay to ensure you have an unforgettable experience in the land of running.

Our entire on-site team will give you a warm welcome. Nickson (our guide and local athlete) will be delighted to share training sessions with you and show you the best courses around the center.

You'll find an atmosphere of caring and sharing among the trainees on site that you won't find anywhere else in Iten. At our center: you'll feel right at home!

Whatever your level of fitness, it will be very easy to find a training partner, given the diversity of people we welcome at the center.


The feedback of our Constant trainee on his experience at the RUN'IX ATHLETIC CENTER in Iten.

Our rates

16 days or less


/ Day
  • Accommodation in a standard room
  • Three meals a day
  • Laundry and shoe cleaning included
  • Free access to the fitness room
  • Self-service Wi-Fi, TV and PS4
  • Massage (paying option)
  • Airport shuttle (paying option)
  • Safari & Excursions (paying option)

From 17 days


/ Day
  • Accommodation in a standard room
  • Three meals a day
  • Laundry and shoe cleaning included
  • Free access to the fitness room
  • Wi-Fi, TV & PS4 self-service
  • Massage (paying option)
  • Airport shuttle (paying option)
  • Safari & excursions (paying option)

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1. Be well informed

The information page of our website contains all the information you need to prepare your stay with us. Please read all the points carefully and do not hesitate to come back to us for any additional information.

2. Contact us

Contacting us allows you to: check the availability of your chosen dates and start the booking process for your stay.

3. Payment

Your training stay with us in Kenya will be validated by the full payment of the reservation. This will be done in euros and by bank transfer.

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Opinions of our trainees

Your satisfaction is our priority!

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Guillaume Van TommeGuillaume Van Tomme
11:05 04 Jun 24
Thank you RUNIX! An unforgettable trip! Don't be afraid to go, having had a little problem with a delay on my flight, I arrived in Kenya 24 hours later, the runix team was on hand to reassure and help me! Thank you also to ALL the team on site you are incredible 🥰 See you next year!
Jack ToddJack Todd
08:28 22 May 24
My stay at Runix went very well and I would have loved to have had such an opportunity 40 years ago. The staff are very kind and friendly. The facilities are great. The other runners integrate you into the group very quickly, and the atmosphere is friendly. Training at 2400m altitude is difficult and takes some getting used to. But my stay was unforgettable and I highly recommend this camp for amateur runners. It fully deserves its 5 stars.
Cédric GirardCédric Girard
08:53 18 May 24
5⭐️ without hesitation! An unforgettable human experience! A center where kindness, solidarity and hospitality reign! Whatever your level of running, you'll be treated like a champion at RUN'IX, enabling your body to achieve performances you never thought you were capable of! Eternal thanks to the entire on-site staff, who are available for you at any time. Special mention to Cynthia and all her team, Japhet the best coach ever and Jacob the best masseur ever.I'll never forget and I intend to come back!!Asante sana Kenya 🙏 🇰🇪
Donovan ChristienDonovan Christien
07:10 18 May 24
Thanks to RUN'IX, I've probably had the best training experience I've ever had: I went for performance reasons, and everything was there for me to be able to train in optimal conditions. Julian and Cynthia really listen to the trainees so that they can organize themselves, rest and eat in the best possible way. I'd definitely recommend the center, as I'd definitely come back myself! What an experience and thanks again to RUN'IX.
Aaron PereraAaron Perera
07:03 16 May 24
I just want to say how incredible my trip to RUN'IX has been. The team is incredible Cynthia, Jakob, Japhet, etc. You guys made my trip something I will never forget if you are considering booking, do it, you won't regret a thing. Kenya is the most amazing place and the Mecca of running, thank you again RUN'IX.
Tom Le RouxTom Le Roux
20:49 15 May 24
An experience off the beaten track with an extraordinary group and already the desire to come back to run and explore! A staff that takes care of us in a permanent good mood and an ultra-fast organization for all the activities! Of course, I recommend it!
19:47 15 May 24
There's no doubt that 5⭐️J was an experience that will stay with me forever. Beyond the sport, beyond the passion for running and the challenges it brings, it's also the discovery of a new country, a new culture that will stay with me forever! A team that took great care of me, always available and very kind! So a big thank you to Cinthia, Jacob, Japhet, James, Viviane, Lazarus, Abraham... always at our side. It was an unforgettable experience, and we owe it all to them. Julian a thousand thanks 🙏🏼 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kenya 🇰🇪❤️
D 00D 00
09:12 08 May 24
The Run IX Athletic Center is a haven of peace located in the heart of the running mecca: Iten.Everything is in place to ensure that the stay and training sessions run smoothly! The team at the center bend over backwards for the residents and do their utmost to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.Special mention for the team's communication, before, during and after the stay. Everything is very well thought out and organized. I'd definitely go back!
Charles WilliamsCharles Williams
13:40 07 May 24
I spent three exceptional weeks at the RUN'IX Center in Iten, the Spiritual Land of Running. An experience I highly recommend to anyone looking to train in an ideal setting. The food is very healthy and varied, served four times a day, which is perfect for maintaining the energy needed for intensive training. The altitude and tranquil setting away from everyday stress and distractions contribute enormously to progress. The environment is extremely caring and welcomes a wide range of athlete profiles, from Olympians to amateurs, all in a great atmosphere. The staff are friendly and truly exceptional, with a special mention for James, Cynthia, Viviane, Jacob and Japhet, who look after us with great care and professionalism. A true haven for any sportsman!
Patrick LehouxPatrick Lehoux
06:18 07 May 24
Unforgettable stay at Run'IX! Coming from Quebec, Iten seemed like a difficult and intimidating running destination. Thanks to Run'IX athletic center, I was able to live a dream I'd been putting off for several years. In short, the efficient communication throughout the booking process, the warm welcome and the sense of community during my stay were the highlights of my experience at the center. I already know I'll be back next year! See you soon Run'IX 🙂
jeremy barrejeremy barre
06:08 23 Apr 24
16 days spent at the Center with my twin brother. We discovered a welcoming and caring environment. The aim was to combine sport with discovering the country. The center offers everything you need for training and excursions on the days off. We came with a view to making progress on the road but also to trail-running. The center is very close to great trails for training! With great loops! Just ask the center's guide 😉
louise bécuelouise bécue
12:38 17 Apr 24
Of course I'm giving 5 stars! I spent 3 exceptional weeks at this center, meeting some very nice people (athletes and staff alike). The food was very good. The excursions are a real plus in this sporting adventure.For the sessions, it's very easy to get to the different sites, Julian and his team answer all our questions and help us to prepare our outings.It's super nice to think only about running and to be able to share that with all the athletes at the center, whatever their goals and levels.I'll be coming back to this center with great pleasure!!!
Fabienne DoudetFabienne Doudet
13:08 14 Apr 24
If you love running and want to live an unforgettable experience! Then come to the Run'Ix Center for a sporting and human adventure we won't soon forget. As 2 couples, we had obviously come to walk the various ochre paths of Iten, but what's great about this structure is that you can combine your personal sporting objectives with the cultural discovery of Kenya through safaris, hikes, school visits... thanks to the excellent organization of Julian and all his colleagues, who do their utmost every day to ensure everyone's well-being. We were the "darlings", as the youngsters used to say, but what a satisfaction it was to spend 10 days immersed in beautiful people from different backgrounds, top-level athletes and amateurs alike, sharing so many wonderful moments. I would therefore recommend this French-speaking structure to everyone, as a human and sporting adventure that will undoubtedly leave its mark on you for life.
11:19 14 Apr 24
RUN-IX a place like no other, authenticity, great encounters, lots of emotions! Improved performance? Certainly... but the essential is definitely elsewhere!
Tellier LudovicTellier Ludovic
12:34 13 Apr 24
A very good sporting experience, but above all a superb human experience. Thank you to the whole Run'Ix team for this stay (and a special mention to the kitchen team for the delicious chapatis!).
Antoine LemerleAntoine Lemerle
13:31 11 Apr 24
I had an amazing 3 weeks at the Run'ix Center! Everything is in place for an extraordinary experience. Julian and his team are very attentive, making life at the center very pleasant. The training conditions are of course ideal with good weather and varied playing fields. Finally, the Run'Ix allows people with totally opposite life trajectories to cross paths for a stay and share their common passion together, all this in a (very) good mood!
Stef pcrStef pcr
10:30 07 Apr 24
Luca RoviaroLuca Roviaro
07:15 06 Apr 24
Incredible experience, friendly and professional staff, I highly recommend it.
nathan bonavidanathan bonavida
07:22 05 Apr 24
21 days spent in the "home of champions", an unforgettable experience thanks in particular to the help of the entire RUN'IX staff, in terms of kindness, advice and a peaceful life! Julian listens to his public, the cooks prepare excellent dishes for us, and they clean up after us. There's nothing else to think about except training. I recommend RUN'IX for your altitude training courses! Thanks again 😉
Ferdinando ChimenzFerdinando Chimenz
10:00 03 Apr 24
Dear RunIX team,I recently had the privilege of attending one of your training camps in Kenya for 9 days, and I must say it was an incredible experience. From the moment I arrived, I was impressed by the professionalism and warmth of the organization.First and foremost, the actual experience of the training camp was unprecedented.The opportunity to train in such a beautiful and diverse environment added an extra dimension to the experience, pushing me to new limits and inspiring me to push harder than ever.Beyond the training itself, the organization of the camp was first-rate.Every detail was carefully planned and executed, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. From transport to accommodation, every aspect was taken care of, allowing me to focus on my training and the enjoyment of the experience.One of the highlights for me was the feeling of being immersed in Kenyan culture.From interacting with the locals to exploring breathtaking landscapes. The sense of connection and belonging was incredible.Finally, the accommodation was perfect.The rooms were clean and comfortable.The staff were friendly and attentive, ensuring that all our needs were met with speed and care.I look forward to returning in the future.
Laurent GlnLaurent Gln
08:38 02 Apr 24
I had a great time in Kenya at the Run'ix center, the team was very dedicated throughout our stay, which gave us the best possible conditions to train and enjoy our stay!
Pierre MathiotPierre Mathiot
08:16 02 Apr 24
I had a truly unique experience in a great setting, with a wonderful atmosphere, thanks first and foremost to the professionalism and availability of Julian and his team. While running was the central objective for almost everyone, we also visited, went on safari, climbed to over 4,000m and made ourselves a little useful by visiting a school sponsored by the Centre. The organization is perfect. I highly recommend this adventure!
Elodie LaurentElodie Laurent
07:55 02 Apr 24
I would 1000% recommend staying at this center, which not only offers optimal training and recovery, but also allows you to immerse yourself in the Kenyan way of life! From amateur to elite, we were all one group. At the Run'ix Athletic Center, everyone follows their own training program. Not everyone has one. We were a lot of road runners, especially half-marathoners and marathoners, but we also rubbed shoulders with a number of runners and half-distance runners. Anything is possible in this center, and we all had a place. More than that, we belonged. We were where we were supposed to be. DON'T HESITATE FOR A SECOND AND LIVE AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!
Dimitry BardouDimitry Bardou
06:53 02 Apr 24
I spent 18 days at the center and it was really a great experience, both human and sporting, and whether you run a 1h04 at the half or a 2h, everyone can benefit from this wonderful experience. The welcome was really great and I met some lovely people, so for all running lovers I recommend trying the Kenyan adventure. I'm sure I'll be back to train with you, and to try runix is to adopt it😀😀
jérémy Laroquettejérémy Laroquette
16:59 30 Mar 24
The perfect place to train, recuperate and immerse yourself among hundreds of champions in the city of running. An unforgettable journey.
Valentin NicaultValentin Nicault
09:25 28 Feb 24
An unforgettable experience: a total change of scenery with a simple and adorable way of life and locals, the center perfectly managed by a team on site with great care, meetings and training in a magnificent setting with other passionate trainees and very affordable elites...I'll be back, thank you for everything 🥰🇰🇪
18:48 27 Feb 24
I spent 20 unforgettable days at Runix. Thanks to the center's staff and trainees for making my trip a paradise. I really liked the family atmosphere at the center. No matter what level you're at, you quickly feel in your comfort zone. I'll definitely be back by September 🙏Philippe.
Unforgettable experience with attentive staff. Wonderful encounters and total immersion with Kenyans.
Constant WiederkehrConstant Wiederkehr
13:55 26 Feb 24
I had an incredible stay at the Run'Ix Athletic Center! It's a great place for athletes (amateurs and professionals) to get together for training and other activities... The camp team is also superb. For those who want to, it's also possible to join Kenyan groups (with respect) for jogging and fartleks to get the full experience... In short, a long stay, a successful stay! Thank you @runixathleticcenter!
Lucas VerronsLucas Verrons
13:52 26 Feb 24
An unforgettable adventure! Thanks to the whole RUN'IX team for the warm welcome and the service provided throughout the stay.
Antoine VillechenaudAntoine Villechenaud
16:27 19 Feb 24
Top-notch training center, top-notch facilities, friendly and helpful staff, perfect for a sporting break.
Ferdinand AiraultFerdinand Airault
16:19 08 Feb 24
Great time at Runix with incredible encounters & experiences.
Cėcė JaegerCėcė Jaeger
07:41 31 Jan 24
10-day stay at the top center! An unparalleled sporting experience with the desire to return immediately. Thanks to Romain and all the staff at the center for their kindness and for always being there for us. Don't hesitate, go for it!)
theo cutarellitheo cutarelli
07:20 31 Jan 24
Great stay at the runix athletic center. Everything is done to let us train like pros. You meet lots of great, passionate people and the team at the center is incredible. Go for it, whatever your level.Theo
M AndM And
18:00 25 Jan 24
Ernest BuxantErnest Buxant
15:04 25 Jan 24
A magnificent place where I had the opportunity to train alongside the best, while still being an amateur, enjoying an extraordinary human adventure! Kenya (land of perfect weather!!), although living at a different pace, is a magnificent country with a lot to teach us...At the center, a team that is always smiling and attentive guarantees optimal living comfort so that we can make the most of our vacations (and training.) Safari, matatu, ping-pong, encounters, landscapes, training, ugali, muzungu pace...All these enriching experiences will remain engraved in my mind! Thank you and probably see you soon!
Mark KipchumbaMark Kipchumba
11:00 27 Dec 23
10:15 Dec 22, 23
A magnificent place where everyone can find their place, whatever their aspirations, and a team that is always smiling and attentive, guaranteeing optimal living comfort so you can make the most of your vacations and training.
Julien DelcuseJulien Delcuse
16:56 Dec 16, 23
If you want to live an unforgettable experience in Kenya, the Runix Athletic Center is the place to go! I spent an incredible 2 weeks at the center! A big thank you to Julian and all his team for the excellent welcome and organization on site, everything is brought together to train in the best conditions and spend a stay in friendliness and sharing, the rooms and lounge are very good and the food is perfect. I can not wait to return! 🇰🇪
Kevin DelourmeKevin Delourme
20:38 Dec 11, 23
I spent 3 incredible weeks at the center.🇰🇪Très A warm welcome from Julian and his team! 😉 I met some wonderful people during my stay. It was a very enriching human and sporting adventure.It's the ideal place for all running enthusiasts. 🤩Thanks for everything!
Baptiste BonnefousBaptiste Bonnefous
15:25 Dec 11, 23
An extraordinary experience with an exceptional group! The surroundings are magnificent and the center is and preparation in Kenya resulted in a superb performance on arrival (PR at the Valencia marathon 1 week later). The food is excellent, the lounge and rooms are very pleasant, transport is very well organized...The Run'IX Athletic Center is much more than a sports camp, it's also a magical human experience.A big thank you to Julian and the whole team for this superb stay.I'll be back with pleasure to train and surpass myself at Iten.🙂 🙂 🇰🇪
Philippe LécollePhilippe Lécolle
21:43 Dec 10, 23
Jambo Run'ix! 2 great weeks at Run'iX.everything is done to enable you to train in the best possible conditions, like a pro, with nothing to think about but running.the French-Kenyan Run'iX team is there to help us discover training in Kenya in the best possible way.coming alone I really enjoyed meeting new people, each with an interesting/inspiring life and running story. champions, pros and amateurs rub shoulders in a good atmosphere.Champions, pros and amateurs rub shoulders in a good atmosphere.overall, the level of people who come to Run'ix is very high, but everyone has their place and the group adapts more or less.Beware of mosquitoes and the water for the shower, which is not unlimited, and can sometimes be a bit tight if you want to shampoo your big head of hair (not my case).Superb experience, sad to go back, eager to leave.Thanks to the whole Run'ix team 🖤❤️💚
13:48 Dec 10, 23
I'd wanted to discover Kenya for so many years, and I got a slap in the face like never before. At an altitude of 2400m, my heart rate went up a few notches, but the group, Julian and his staff, and the locals quickly calmed it down thanks to their infinite kindness, their beautiful values, their joie de vivre and their humanity. I came away from Iten with hundreds of images in my head, as well as inspiring, stimulating and endearing fratés. I got a taste for the split sessions, the big tables and the meticulous training plans. Thanks to the whole team for bending over backwards to make this experience unforgettable. Asante sana!
Alexandre GauthierAlexandre Gauthier
07:18 07 Dec 23
A great experience at the Run'ix center. Not being much of a runner, I was a bit apprehensive about my stay, but it was nothing but happiness, great encounters inside and outside the center, magnificent landscapes and a truly adorable Kenyan population. My 12 days went by far too quickly and I'm already looking forward to going back.
fabien bip bipfabien bip bip
06:59 07 Dec 23
Thanks to Julian and his team for this incredible stay in the land of running, and also to all the staff 🇰🇪Les members of the center are on all fronts: housekeeping, food, massage, transportation, organization of the schedule, sports and extra-sport activities. Everything is done to make your stay the best possible. No matter what your level of running, you can go with your eyes closed and live like a professional athlete for a while!!!There's no denying it, the group lives well and pulls you up to surpass yourself and borner more easily 💪🐎To sum up my experience in a few words: sportsmanship, humanity, joie de vivre and sharing 🤝The + that makes the diff: julian organizes transport for your sessions with several people. 🛺🛵Come here with your eyes closed, threshold and beautiful landscapes will be there,And if you're lucky, meet king kipchoge and share a session with him.I say a big thank you to the RUN'IX CENTER team !!!!🇨🇵🇰🇪
Erwan PierreErwan Pierre
17:02 28 Nov 23
I've just returned from 15 days at the Run'ix center, and I'm already looking forward to going again. The welcome and organization by Julian and his team are really top-notch! Don't even hesitate! 🤗
Maths STMGMaths STMG
13:43 23 Nov 23
I'm a very amateur runner (3h49 in the marathon) and yet I had a wonderful stay at the center. The runix team made my stay a success through their professionalism and kindness. Thank you for an unforgettable stay.
Xavier DomineXavier Domine
13:31 Nov 21, 23
Great experience, both sporting and human, top organization! Ideal for all types of race preparation (from track, cross country to marathon), I recommend it for all running enthusiasts who want to progress, live and train in the temple of running :))
08:20 15 Nov 23
For all enthusiasts, this is an experience to be had at least once.Sportingly and humanly, this interlude in life is very rich.The organization is simple and fluid where everyone mixes and no matter what the level.Julian and his team are really at the top.It's already missing and the intention to return is very present.Guéna 🙂
Florian BriensFlorian Briens
09:41 01 Nov 23
Words will fail to describe this experience, but I can already say magnificent and incredible! Everything is perfectly organized for a good time and running (masseurs, gym, organization of group transportation, group running...). Julian accompanies you and leaves nothing to chance. I came alone, and I'm leaving with new friends who I'll be following in their future races, hoping to bump into again! You get to rub shoulders with international elite and amateur runners, all in a great, easy-going atmosphere. It's an experience you should have at least once in your racing life. And quite honestly, I'll be back! 😊
Stephane LebastardStephane Lebastard
14:41 30 Oct 23
An experience not to be missedFrom the very beginning of the organization of our trip to our return to France, Julian is there to support, inform and welcome us.During our stay at the center, he and his team are there to take care of us, whether it's for stewardship, cooking, cleaning, recovery or advice.At the center, we're among experienced athletes and amateurs alike, living in a community, training together and discussing our different sporting experiences over meals together. Running among Kenyan runners is an experience you should have at least once in your life as a runner! Going to the RUN'IX center is your assurance of a successful experience!
Chloe LenoirChloe Lenoir
16:33 16 Nov 22
If you want to come and live an incredible sport and human experience, no doubt the RUNIx CENTER is the perfect place!"🇰🇪Everything is done so that the sportsmen concentrate only on their sessions and recoveries.The rest, the center takes care of it! Food deliciously prepared by a superb team, laundry and cleaning are done by an impeccable cleaning team! As for the atmosphere, you have only to come and see for yourself to realize the cohesion and positive atmosphere that reigns (provided you don't lose at African tarot...)See you next time 😉
Jeremie ChristelJeremie Christel
11:15 22 Oct 22
A stay beyond my expectations! Iten was really an exceptional experience on a sporting and human level. I came to prepare my first half-marathon, a training course in altitude tempted me so I jumped on the opportunity. Everything went perfectly at the center, rooms cleaned every day, laundry several times a week, great meals and an overall great atmosphere! I would also like to thank Julian who was able to guide me in my training and give me valuable advice, which is really a plus!
Rafael Le MoalRafael Le Moal
20:05 21 Sep 22
Great center to train in Iten! Warm welcome, great atmosphere, comfortable houses, pleasant and friendly staff! The activities are organized and supervised by Romain, which makes them easier to do. I highly recommend this center to train in Kenya and/or to discover Iten and its surroundings.
Steffy DinotSteffy Dinot
20:42 29 Aug 22
An unforgettable stay at the RUN'IX ATHLETIC CENTER! Everything is gathered to train in the best possible conditions: delicious meals, fitness room, recovery equipment, massages, organized travel for training, daily cleaning of rooms, clothes and even sneakers, beautiful scenery and above all, conviviality. Thank you to all the team of the center who allows us to ensure all this.A big thank you to Romain who immortalizes our training sessions thanks to his talent for video and photo.Beyond the sport, the center is also very good advice for outings, including safaris.See you soon RUN'IX, I can't wait to come back!
Laure RatinLaure Ratin
15:00 24 Aug 22
Exceptional 2 weeks stay! The experience was not easy every day, as we have only been running for a few months, adapting to the routes and the altitude was not easy! There was a lot of goodwill in the group, which was motivating. It is not necessary to be an accomplished runner to join the camp! With a little determination and goodwill anything is possible. The staff on site is very friendly and helpful. Romain is really versatile! Between the photos, the organization, the multiple information and his driving skills, nothing to worry about you will be well taken care of!Thank you 🌸🇰🇪
rabah houalirabah houali
07:57 18 May 22
The ideal place for an athletics/running course. Everything is there, the organization is top. Romain and Julian are very welcoming and will know how to put you in good conditions and give you the right plans (safaris, waterfalls, excursions). I will especially remember the breathtaking landscapes, and it's the case to say it, but above all the great encounters that I made at RUNIX.
20:24 29 Apr 22
The center meets the needs of all sportsmen: varied quality food, quiet individual rooms, friendly spaces, weight room and linked equipment, outdoor relaxation area. The managers are attentive to your needs and guide you towards the activities you are looking for. An experience where the mix between amateur and professional sportsmen is particularly pleasant. All this in the Mecca of long distance athletics.
Quentin VayssiéQuentin Vayssié
16:38 27 Apr 22
Great training center in Iten managed by Julian and Romain with their team! This will remain a unique experience both in terms of sports and human! The meals are of quality, mixing Western and African cuisine! I will return with great pleasure!

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