The most frequently asked questions

NO and NO. Kenya is not just for top athletes. This is a misconception. Anyone can come and run here whether they run the 10KM in 60 minutes or 25 minutes.

Yes, wifi is available in the living area, so you can talk to your friends and family and/or work.

October to April is the best time for the weather (it is warmest and rainiest). The rest of the year the weather can be capricious but that doesn't prevent you from having a good stay

Of course, there are many sights around Iten, waterfalls and safaris to do!

Yes, if a legal representative gives you permission.

No, you are 100% free. However, we can organise sessions at the track or excursions if you wish.

Yes, it's possible to meet them but it's random, big names are present, you just need a bit of luck!

If the trainee wants it, yes. If not, no, it is not included in the initial offer.

The quality of the food is one of our priorities, our chef selects the best ingredients while preparing them to avoid any risk to your health.

Yes, it is quite possible to rent a bike in Iten, ask Julian.

Julian's presence depends on his competitions and obligations in France

There are always other trainees throughout the year.

Yes, Iten is a place full of life. You can meet other Europeans at the fartlek, at the track or in some restaurants.

Yes, there is an internet connection.

Yes you have to ask Julian or Dennis to book a massage. The price is 1000 KES.

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