How and where to train in Iten?

On site, our Kenyan team, Japhet, is there to guide you and make your daily life easier in our training center.

They will show you the training courses in a fun way and will be your guides throughout your stay.

The trainees have complete freedom throughout their stay.

There is no on-site trainer to direct your training. Generally speaking, the trainees all get together and discuss the training and program, even if nobody knows each other at the start of the course.

The training sessions (on the track, on the fartlek or on the long run) are all done together in a matatu. Even if everyone does not have the same level or does not do exactly the same session: the group moves, trains and lives together every day.

You are free to develop with the group, individually or to join a group of Kenyan athletes. The latter are easily accessible and contrary to popular belief, the level is homogeneous.


With or without a training program?

Coming to the RUN'IX ATHLETIC CENTER in Kenya, many athletes wonder whether they should come with their own training program or simply join the group.

There is no single answer, but here are a few tips:

Most trainees structure their week with intense training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a long outing at the weekend, and jogging on the other days of the week. So it's perfectly possible to follow this structure, adapting the workouts to your level and objectives.

Here are the week's highlights:

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can join the Kenyan fartleks, accessible by jogging or motorcycle from the center OR go on track, at Kamariny Stadium or Kipchoge Stadium in Eldoret. They offer an intense session and an extraordinary human experience.
  • Saturday is usually a long outing on the Moiben road, followed by a Matatu (private driver). He'll carry your gels and drinks for refuelling, and a change of clothes for after the outing. What's more, he can take some pictures of you running!

In short, you won't be lost!

Other athletes choose to come with their own training program, adapting their sessions to run as much as possible with the group.

If you have to do sessions on your own, you can always do your jogging with the group on easier days, or at the end of the afternoon if you're doubling up!

Finally, at the RUN'IX ATHLETIC CENTER, we share meals and other moments of life together, between amateur and top-level athletes. It's an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about each other.

So don't worry: whatever you choose, you won't feel isolated!


In Kenya, most runners follow the following weekly training structure:
  • Monday: easy jogging
  • Tuesday: short VMA (fartlek or track) example: short fartlek 1 minute fast / 1 minute slow or 15 * 400 metres
  • Wednesday: easy jogging
  • Thursday: long VMA (fartlek or track) example: long fartlek 3 minutes fast / 1 minute slow or 6 to 8 * 1000 metres
  • Friday: easy jogging
  • Saturday: long outing
  • Sunday: rest, sightseeing or easy jogging

Environment & surroundings

The village of Iten is located at an altitude of 2400m. It has a warm oceanic climate with no dry season. Over the year, the average temperature is 17.4°C. For comparison, the average temperature in Paris is 12.3°C.

There are no rainy seasons as such. It generally rains throughout the year, but mostly at the end of the day. The period from September to April is when the weather is most clement.

Our training centre is located two kilometres from the centre of Iten. It is quietly located away from the city centre and in the middle of the training courses.

Athletics tracks near the centre:

Kipchoge Stadium

40 minutes away. Tartan track like in Europe. The best local athletes train here. Access: free and by matatu (€2 transport).

Kamariny Stadium

5 minutes from the centre by running. Track under construction (therefore in poor condition) but possibility to train on it. Access: free and on foot.

Swimming pool and gym

Are you a triathlete or do you want to swim and have a fully equipped gym? Then go to the Rupaz Fun n Fitness Centre in Eldoret (30 minutes drive from our centre)!

You will find :

- A 25-metre swimming pool + a children's pool (price = 2€ per person).

- A fully equipped gym with all the equipment: treadmill, bike etc. (Price = 4€ per person.)

- A crossfit room + a boxing ring. (Price = 4€ per person).

Meeting with Eliud Kipchoge

Is Eliud Kipchoge one of your idols? Would you like to share a moment with him and have the unique chance to see the world record holder in marathon training?

It is quite possible! Not necessarily at all times, but most of the time. Our team will guide you to meet him. You will have the opportunity to take a photo (at the end of the session) and to exchange a few words with him.


The sporting environment of Iten and our centre is simply conducive to personal development.

It will be very easy to familiarise yourself with the training courses.

Ideally, you should come to us for a minimum of 10 days in order to benefit from all the advantages of the altitude.

Tip: If you come to our centre to prepare for a particular race or goal (10KM, half-marathon/marathon), we advise you to be back at least one week before the start of your race.

There are no specific dates of stay. You choose the dates that suit you best.

Our centre is open all year round without interruption.

90% of the athletes who come to stay with us are recreational runners. We do not intend to host only high level athletes, on the contrary.

Contrary to popular belief, Kenya and our centre in particular is for everyone. Children, spouse, sporty or not friend.

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