Power supply

We pay special attention to the meals served in our centre. Fresh products and local cuisine are on the menu.


The meals

The four meals of the day are taken in the restaurant all together around a large table:

    • Breakfast from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. It consists of: wholemeal bread, banana, jam, honey, porridge, milk, sausages and omelet on request in the kitchen.
    • Lunch from 12:20 pm. It is composed of: raw vegetables as a starter, main course and fruit for dessert every lunchtime.
    • Snack from 4pm (cookies, yogurt, popcorn, tea and coffee),
    • Dinner is served from 7pm. It consists of: vegetables, main course and fruit or cake for dessert every evening.

Various information: healthy and balanced diet (all necessary proteins, carbohydrates and legumes) with Kenyan and European touch elaborated in collaboration with a dietician - meat or fish once a day (at lunch or dinner) - homemade chips/burger and pizza on the menu once a week - possibility of having a vegetarian diet (eggs as a replacement).

Power supply

  • Coffee and tea are available throughout the day in the restaurant.
  • The meals are cooked on the spot by our team. The cuisine is made from fresh products. It has a European and African touch and is generally composed of: salads, vegetables, pasta or rice, eggs, meat or fish.
  • It is possible to have a vegetarian diet by informing us before your arrival at the centre.



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